About the Series Edit

Arcane Ascension has a heavy focus on learning and exploring how magic works and how it can be exploited. It follows Corin Cadence, the younger son of House Cadence, as he attempts to learn magic in an effort to follow the footsteps of his brother, Tristan, who disappeared into the colossal Serpent Spire five years before.

  • This series is the most popular starting point, in spite of taking place last in the chronological order. Don’t worry – you can start here without any trouble understanding it if you want to.
  • This series has a mix of magical school content and dungeon crawling. If you like magical schools, read this one first. If you don’t, consider one of the other series.
  • Some inspirations for this series include Final FantasyAzure DreamsYsTower of DruagaThe Legend of HeroesTower of GodBravely DefaultLufia and the Fortress of DoomSaGa, and Hunter x Hunter.
  • [Andrew Rowe]'s original target was 6-7 books for Arcane Ascension, but it’s very possible it could be more or less, depending on how he handles things like spin-offs, etc.

Books in this Series Edit

  1. Sufficiently Advanced Magic
  2. On the Shoulders of Titans
  3. The Torch that Ignites the Stars  (Coming Soon)
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