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Thank you for visiting the Arcane Ascension Wikia! This wikia is an online encyclopedia of Andrew Rowe's shared world in The War of Broken Mirrors, Weapons and Wielders, and Arcane Ascension series.

The War of Broken Mirrors which follows Taelien Salaris as he searches for answers regarding his past as he navigates society carrying a sacred artifact of legend.

Weapons and Wielders which follows Keras Selyrian after he is teleported to a new land in search of his friends and resources to help change the world.

Arcane Ascension which follows Corin Cadence as he struggles to learn magic in order to find his brother, Tristan and heal his broken family.

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic is a fun and adventurous slice of life sort of story, that is recommend to anyone with interests in LitRPGs, RPGs in general, magic systems, coming of age stories, anime, or dungeon crawls.

I discovered this series as well as the author himself through reddit's Fantasy sub-reddit, a sort of forum where lovers of the Fantasy genre can share and discuss in a friendly environment.

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Warning! This wiki reveals plot details about the series. Read at your own risk!

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