Attunements are magical marks that are given to those who successfully complete a Judgment, a test that is given in one of the Soaring Spires. Once given, an attunement is located in one of seven positions on the body. Each spire has different attunements and each attunement grants the person with it (referred to as an attuned) different abilities. It is commonly believed that attunements are given by the goddess Selys or by one of her six Visages. Further attunements can be acquired by climbing towers again through a different gate, by being bestowed one by a visage. It is rumored that it is also possible to gain an artificially created attunement but the research into this is classified as a military secret by those nations that conduct the research. It is uncommon for people to have more than one attunement and having more than two is almost unheard of. The total number of attunements isn't exactly known but is generally agreed to be around fifty. It is believed that the Visages have them all. We know the names of forty-four of these attunements as of the book Diamantine - released in Jan 2020.

Every attuned has a personal magical aura is called a shroud. The amount of mana in the region of the body with the attunement determines the attunement's rank, which can be increased with use. As an attunement gains in power the attuned's shroud likewise gets more powerful. An attunement's ranking will progress but will start at what is referred to in Valia as Quartz. Quartz ranked shrouds are a kind of clear color. However, as an attunement gets more powerful an attuned's shroud will eventually increase in power and take on a red-colored aura that is referred to as Carnelian. As they continue to get stronger attunements will progress in rank to Sunstone (Orange), Citrine (Yellow), Emerald (Green) and Sapphire (Blue). The names of this progression reflects the colors of the rainbow but are a Valian way of describing the phenomenon and other countries describe a shrouds level in different ways.

Once an attuned reaches Carnelian they begin to "leak" mana which allows their shroud to become protective. It is possible to manipulate the shroud to some extent, though some attunements like Guardians are much more proficient at it. Many attuned never progress beyond Carnelian rank and it is the most common rank for all attuned. Most climbers end up as Sunstone attuned, with orange shrouds, where it becomes possible to deliberately suppress the shroud to appear the color of a lower rank though this also diminishes a shroud's protective ability. Citrine ranked attuned, distinguished by their yellow aura, are rare and are usually veterans. They appear to be able to extend or reshape their shroud much like a Guardian can from the beginning. Elevating to Citrine also gives an attuned access to another type of mana to use, drastically increasing their flexibility. Emerald ranked humans are so rare it isn't exactly known what they are capable of although it is rumored that they can manipulate ambient mana allowing them to cast spells without accessing their own power. Sapphire ranked humans are thought not to exist.

Attunements give the user access to two different Mana types, a Primary and a Secondary. Most attuned will specialize in using their Primary mana, since it tends to come more easily, though some will focus on their Secondary mana. Eight mana types are granted by Valian attunements: Transference, Mental, Enhancement, Life, Umbral, Fire, Air and Earth. Each attunement is also associated with a unique ability, though this is sometimes due to the mana types available to them and can be replicated with other attunements.

Attunement Mark Locations Edit

The location of the attunement on a person's body defines the primary method they will use to direct spells. All attuned will have multiple methods of directing spells, though spells directed through using the attunement are more potent. The location of the attunement also increases the rate of mana regeneration for that part of the body, potentially giving the attuned more access to a particular type of mana. The seven potential locations for attunements are the Mind, the Heart, the Lungs, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Leg, and Right Leg.

Mark Location Description Characters with Attunement Mark
Hand (Right or Left) Hand marks are the most common. Hand marked attuned generally direct spells through a gesture and excel at accurately directing spells at distant targets. Patrick Wayland
Leg (Right or Left) Leg marks allow for instantaneous delivery of powerful spells by channeling their mana directly through touching a target. Kicking is the most obvious method but mana can be channeled through the attunement to other parts of the body, to be delivered with a touch. Roland Royce
Lung Typically target and cast spells through verbal incantations, channeling mana into the air around them by speaking across a broad area. They are exceptional in large confrontations, such as siege warfare. Sera Cadence
Heart Channel mana through their entire body into their heart and then out both hands simultaneously. This requires intense focus and slows the casting of the spell, but increases its intensity. Marissa Callahan
Mind Mind marks enhance the attuned's ability to sense and manipulate the mana inside their body. They are capable of casting spells inside their own bodies without any form of motion or verbal incantations purely through focusing their minds. Corin Cadence

The location of an attunement is also quite important in that the attunement increases the rate of mana regeneration for that part of the body. Depending on the location of the mark, this will give the attuned more access to a particular type of mana. This is often key in developing the user's strength as a mage since their most commonly used mana type will generally also be their strongest.

Known Attunements Edit

Serpent Spire (Valia) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Diviner Mental Enhancement Water Seeing at a distance, finding the location of people/objects, detecting mana types and identifying objects. They are the only attunement that can make memory crystals.
Elementalist Fire Air Water They are commonly seen using Fire, Air, and Lightning magic, and are considered extremely strong offensive Attuned.
Enchanter Transference Mental Light Enchanters can imbue items with mana to produce magical effects which differ based on the runes on the item.
Guardian Enhancement Life Earth Guardians can manipulate their shroud easier than other attuned and can imbue their strikes with extra mana.
Mender Life Earth Water Menders are potent healers, and can directly heal bones, something other healing Attunements are unable to do.
Shadow Umbral Enhancement Death Shadows are illusionists and can create solid illusions, unlike other similar Attunements. They can also turn invisible and nullify magic with their Umbral Mana.
Shaper Earth Enhancement Perception Shapers are capable of forming mana constructs and shaping mana in the air.
Summoner Air Transference Life Summoners can make contracts with Monsters and can summon figments (i.e replicas) of those monsters, or the real Monster if the Summoner is very powerful.

Hydra Spire (Edria) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Assassin Umbral Water Death

Assassins can generate poison inside their bodies, then secrete that poison to apply it to weapons, put it into liquids, or apply it through unarmed attacks.

Commander Fire Umbral Air The Commander attunement can temporarily expend portions of their shroud to expand the range or area of their spells.
Executioner Death Enhancement Earth Executioners can shape their shroud into a weapon forged from pure mana that cleaves through equipment and deals lasting wounds.
Juggernaut Transference Fire Earth The Juggernaut can temporarily draw their shroud into their muscles, bolstering their physical strength and speed for a short period of time.
Legionnaire Light Air Fire Legionnaires can extend their shroud into a defensive aura that bolsters the power of other nearby shrouds. This effect is cumulative, making large groups of Legionnaires almost invincible.
Saboteur Umbral Earth Fire Sabotuers can extend their shroud into a debilitating field that weakens all nearby enemies.
Scourge Death Air Water Scourges can infect enemies with a portion of their shroud, causing long-lasting debilitating effects.
Shieldbreaker Death Transference Fire The Shieldbreaker can enhance their offensive spells with a portion of their shroud, making it easier for them to break through defensive sorcery and making their spells more dangerous in general.

Phoenix Spire (East Edria) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Cloudcaller Water Air TBA TBA
Illuminator Light Water Air Illuminators have beneficial auras with a specific focus on beneficial passive effects, especially things like magic resistance and mental effect resistance.[1]
Mesmer Perception TBA TBA Alters emotions and perceptions. Can lure people into trusting them and trick people into believing they are a harmless person in the background.
Purifier Light Fire TBA An attunement known for it's heavy offensive capabilities.
Pyromancer Fire Death Umbral

It is speculated to be the elementalist's equivalent for the phoenix spire, with flames that are difficult to extinguish.

Shapeshifter Perception Earth Life "Shapeshifters learn how to partially or completely shapeshift into specific monster types. Partial shapeshifting is common; complete shapeshifting is much more difficult, and generally requires a relatively high (Sunstone+) attunement level, with varying difficulty based on the creature type." -Andrew Rowe (Possibly subject to change)
Spellsinger Perception TBA TBA

"Spellsingers are experts at delivering spells through their voice. This is very similar to how Lung-marked attuned work, but Spellsingers are specialists in directing this mana in specific ways; for example, impacting one specific person, rather than broadly directing mana throughout an entire area." -Andrew Rowe (Possibly subject to change)

Tortoise Spire (Dalenos) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Acolyte Life Water Perception Focused on healing and neutralizing poisons.
Champion Enhancement Water TBA Focused on protective sorcery and ice magic.
Illusionist Perception Light TBA Capable of creating sophisticated illusions, such as concealing large areas of terrain.
Seer Mental Air TBA An information gathering focused attunement that can remotely view distances.
Soulblade Light Life Transference A soulblade creates contracts with monsters, binding them to items such as weapons or jewelry.
Swordmaster Enhancement Fire TBA Swordmasters are a weapon buff focused attunement, with the ability to imbue their weapons a variety of short-term and persistent effects.
Wavewalker Water Transference TBA TBA
Wayfarer Air Mental Transference Focused on mobility and teleportation through anchors.

Tiger Spire (Caelford) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Analyst Mental Umbral Transference A knowledge gathering attunement that can rapidly gather and process sensory information.
Architect Perception Umbral TBA TBA
Biomancer Life Mental TBA Allows for manipulation of mana in someone's body.
Controller Perception Enhancement Umbral Capable of directly influencing an individual or groups behavior by issuing mental compulsions.
Forgemaster Earth Fire TBA Capable of influencing and working metal with ease.
Sentinel Earth Mental Enhancement Specialized in resisting physical and mental effects.
Transmuter Earth Water TBA TBA

Restricted Attunements (Granted by the Visages) Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Abjurer TBA TBA TBA An attunement focused on breaking existing spells. Their most powerful ability is banishment - the ability to send a summoned creature back to their place of origin and prevent them from returning for some time.
Arbiter Transference Life Light An Attunement that allows a mage to imbue other attuned with a fraction of their power.
Chronomancer Transference Perception TBA A lost rumored attunement that can manipulate time and the perception of time.
Hierophant TBA TBA TBA Known for their ability to extend their shroud over a large area, while imbuing it with a spell effect.
Necromancer TBA TBA TBA Grants a mage advanced healing capabilities that even Menders cannot perform. Can also conjure bone constructs such as spears, bridges and projections.
Paladin Light TBA TBA Allows a mage to draw additional power from their patron visage during times of great need.
Sovereign TBA TBA TBA Can control or draw power from other Attunements. Can also absorb power from spells and possibly from enchantments.

Ascended Attunements (Evolved from other Attunements)Edit

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Invoker TBA TBA TBA Ascended from Summoner; Allows a mage to draw power directly from their summoned monsters, rather than just casting their spells with their own mana supply.
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