Books on Kaldwyn Edit

Title Author Description
Trials of Judgement Tristan Cadence It is a form of communication device that Tristan has been able to pass to individuals who have entered the tower like Corin Cadence, Cecily Lambert, and Laura Lyran.
Styles of Spellcasting Unknown Has description of attunement mark locations and how they impact spell casting.
Book of Heraldry Unknown Has names of house and house symbols.
Advanced Binding Theory Hartigan Contains information useful to Summoners.
An Introductory Primer on Empowering Runes Conrad Lake Contains information useful to Enchanters.
Ambient Mana and Its Sources Rellik Entry level Enchanter book
Advance Artifice: Permanent Enchantments Unknown
Inaccuracies in Modern Teaching of Enchanting History Unknown
Elements of Enchanting Volumes 1-6 Unknown Books for Art of Artifice class
Volatile Runes Fairway Book for Art of Artifice class
Constructing Ritual Matrices Conway Book for Art of Artifice class
Monster Hunting for Amateur Adventurers Hawthorne Book for Art of Artifice class
Runes of Frost Unknown
Blackstone Assassin Series Unknown

Books on Mythralis Edit

Title Author Description
The Nature of Worlds Erik Tarren The tome described the various Dominions as physical locations – which the author sometimes called “Planes” – and claimed that inhabitable areas existed on these other “Planes”.
A book on the Planes (not actual title) Erik Tarren Expensive and rare
Dominion of Protection Edrick Theas
A book on Dominion Bonds Blake Hartigan Expensive and rare
Intermediate Dominion Sorcery Erik Tarren One of the most commonly referenced tomes for sorcery research in major cities
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