"Infinite social skills! That's me."
Corin Cadence, sarcastically.

Corin Cadence is an Enchanter attuned and the younger son of Magnus Cadence and Laura Lyran.

Corin's home is located in Hathridge, a city south of Beaufort. Corin studies at Lorian Heights Academy located at Beaufort in Eastern Valia.

Physical Description Edit

Corin has wavy black hair and gray eyes like his sister Sera. He notes that both he and Sera are "Not as skinny as Marissa but in a good shape.".

Personality Edit

Corin is very introverted and socially inept. He shows aversion to touch, which is implied to be due to his father's strict upbringing. He is very loyal and goes to great lengths to help his friends even thoughtlessly. He prefers the analytical approach to problems over violence, which can be seen in his preference of puzzle rooms over monster rooms inside the Serpent Spire. He also frequently states his absolute dislike of colored tile puzzles, which is a hidden reference to the author, who is color-blind. He seems to be asexual.

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Early Life Edit

Corin was born to Magnus Cadence and Laura Lyran and is the second son of the house of Cadence. He was very close with his brother and attended school with many of his friends like Sera and Patrick. This changed after Tristan's disappearance as his mother took Sera's family when she left and Corin's father started homeschooling him to prepare him for his Judgement. Magnus would hit Corin to the point of scarring in private. He and Corin are shown to have quite a poor relationship and many of Corin's emotional problems seem to be due to this.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic Edit

In Sufficiently Advanced Magic Corin takes his Judgement. In the Judgement, he gains the Book Trials of Judgement which is what allowed him to communicate with The Voice of the Tower that is later revealed to be his brother Tristan Cadence. Corin also gains Enchanter attunement and frees Echion, Vera Corrington, and Keras Selyrian from prison cells within the Serpent Spire. Katashi attacks the group after the prison break clashing with Keras Selyrian while Vera and Corin escape with Echion. The Voice of the Tower asks Corin to tell Professor Orden what happened. Katashi later recognizes Corin during his attack on Beaufort. He tasks Corin with bringing Vera to the Serpent Spire to judge her for the kidnapping of his brother, Visage Tenjin. Corin heads to the tower with Jin Dalen, Sera Cadence, Professor Orden, Derek Hartigan, and Vera Corrington. Professor Orden betrays the group and it is revealed that Professor Orden and Tristan were involved with the kidnapping of Tenjin. Vera and Professor Orden are detained by Katashi for judgment. Jin escapes from the tower after Corin stops him from attacking Vera while aiming to save East Edria from a possible war that Vera's research on artificial attunements made possible. As thanks for successfully completing the mission of bringing Vera to the Spire, Katashi gives Corin an Arbiter attunement on his right hand.

On the Shoulders of Titans Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

As an Enchanter, Corin has access to mental and transference mana, and his Arbiter abilities give him access to life mana.

Due to his upbringing and duelling cane training, he initially had exceptionally high mana in his right hand, considering his attunement was elsewhere. He was also terrified of damage to his mental abilities due to the possible overuse of mental mana. This caused his mana levels to be unbalanced and made him over-reliant on his right hand's mana. He later overcame this fear and his mana levels are no longer unbalanced.

His enchanting allows him to create a wide variety of items he often distributes to his allies.

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Corin has a pseudo-relationship with Jin Dalen during Sufficiently Advanced Magic and On the Shoulders of Titans.

Magnus Cadence would introduce Corin and Tristan to other noble families with the hope of securing the Cadence name through profitable marriages. Magnus introduced them to the Lambert house with Cecily and Yunika. With Cecily being about Corin's age and Yunika being about Tristan's age. In On the Shoulders of Titans Corin reunites with Cecily with hints of old feelings resurfacing.

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