Dalenos is a kingdom on the continent Kaldwyn that borders the north of Valia. It is considered a theocracy, as Katashi and his priests control the legal system and military.

Visage Edit

Dalenos is home to the Visage of Justice, Katashi who has a very direct role in its government. He frequently spends time amongst the people and resides in a great cathedral. People from Dalenos consider this an honor, believing that their kingdom must be more worthy if their visage still takes an active role in their kingdom (as opposed to the more advisory role the other visages have started to take).

Spire Edit

The Tortoise Spire is the least explored shifting spire. This is attributed to the fact that, unlike the other spires which only require that you pay an entry fee, travelers have to undergo a long interview process before they are allowed into the tower.

Six Years War Edit

Part of the Dalenos kingdom was lost during this conflict. Kelridge, a region that borders Valia, was taken over by Edria. The Queen of Dalenos was originally from this part of the kingdom and she refused to surrender, believing that her allies in Caelford and Valia might be able to drive Edria back. Edria officially took control of Kelridge when the queen was assassinated. The remaining inhabitants of Kelridge took on the family name Dalen in her memory.

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