Edria is a kingdom on the continent Kaldwyn, that borders the south of Valia. It is considered to be the the strongest nation on the continent in terms of military strength. There is an East Edria and a West Edria, due to Kelridge being acquired during the Six Years War.

Visage Edit

Edria is home to two visages - Melkyr the Visage of Resilience and Kerivas the Visage of Law.

Spires Edit

Edria was founded near the Hydra Spire, and the kingdom also gained the Phoenix Spire when they conquered Kelridge. Unlike the other kingdoms, children are allowed to attempt their judgements at a much earlier age in Edria, starting at 12-13.

Residents in East Edria view the Phoenix Spire's god beast, Suzaku, in a light similar to a visage. This is in contrast to Valia, where god beasts are seen as dangerously powerful monsters.

Six Years War Edit

Edria went to war with Dalenos, eventually taking control of the region known as Kelridge. Valia and Caelford were allies and Dalenos and potential future targets for Edria, but the war was ended when Alaric Cadence challenged an Edrian general to a duel and won. Some people believe that Edria is simply waiting for another chance to strike.

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