Arcane Ascension Series takes place on the continent Kaldwyn. While other continents exist, only the continent Mythralis be revealed.

Kaldwyn is located on the planet Venaya.

The four major nations control much of the continent Kaldwyn. Colloquially, they are generally referred to as the “Four Powers”. Each of the major nations controls the territory around one or more of the Soaring Spires, massive towers believed to have been placed on the continent by the ancient goddess Selys.

Overview Edit

Region Continent Spires Visages God Beast
Caelford Kaldwyn Tiger Ferras Byakko
Dalenos Kaldwyn Tortoise Katashi Genbu
Edria Kaldwyn Hydra Melkyr Orochi
Unclaimed Lands Kaldywn Mysterious Tower Unknown Unknown
Valia Kaldwyn Serpent Tenjin Seiryu
Unknown Kaldwyn Spider Wydd Arachne
East Edria Kaldwyn Phoenix Kerivas Suzaku

Valia Edit

Valia, on the eastern edge of the continent, is famous for magical research and development. Their major cities are protected against the elements by barrier domes, and their military is often equipped with the latest in enchanted items.

  • Beaufort is one of the largest cities on the continent, built around the location of the Serpent Spire, one of the six Soaring Spires. The Lorian Heights Academy is located in this city as well, just south of the spire.
  • Hathridge is another large city, located about one hundred miles south west of Beaufort.
  • Estermark is the national capitol and one of the oldest cities on the continent, but no longer the largest.
  • Lavis is a port city on the far eastern side of the continent, and closest to the Lavian Archipelago.

Caelford Edit

Caelford, on the far western side of the continent, is best known for their technological developments.

  • Vestren is the capitol city of Caelford and one of the oldest and largest cities on the continent. It is one of Caelford’s two major ports, along with Taldray, which is further to the west.
  • Taldray is the westernmost port on the continent.
  • Medrian is the research and trade hub in the center of Caleford, and Alaris Academy, the primary university for training local magic users, is located here.
  • Westbridge is the city where the cross-continental railroad originates on the Caelford side. It is also the closest city to the Tiger Spire, allowing visitors from Valia to arrive in the city and visit the spire easily.

Dalenos Edit

Dalenos, which controls much of the northern side of the continent, is a theocracy that is directly governed by Katashi, one of the six visages. With Katashi’s protection and governance, they have grown powerful and prosperous.

  • Tenkai is the capitol city, as well as the home of the grand cathedral.
  • Miwa is the city closest to Lake Selden, the largest source of pure water on the continent.

Edria Edit

Edria is the largest nation, having spread across most of the southern portion of the continent.

  • They control two spires, having sized one from the former nation of Kelridge, which is now known as East Edria.
  • Essen is the capitol city of West Edria.
  • Kassel is the home of the Hydra Spire, as well as the largest military base in West Edria.
  • Kiel is the current capitol of East Edria.
  • Zunyi is the former capitol of East Edria from when it was a separate nation (Kelridge), and remains an important cultural center. It is also the city closes to the Unclaimed Lands, which lie directly beyond a mountainous region to the north.
  • Yilan is the city with the easiest access to the Phoenix Spire, due to the inhospitable terrain on Kiel’s side. It is also the city closest to the border with Valia.

Minor Nations Edit

Sytennia Edit

Sytennia is the name of a small nation to the south of East Edria, largely surrounded by mountains.

  • Vesmyr is the capitol city of Sytennia.

Erawen Edit

Erawen is the name of an island nation to the north of Dalenos. It’s sparsely inhabited due to inhospitable terrain and a high concentration of powerful monsters, similar to the Unclaimed Lands.

  • There is a major city on the coast of the nearest island to Dalenos, however, called Talinrae. Each of the other islands also has small settlements.

Other Regions Edit

The Unclaimed Lands Edit

  • The Unclaimed Lands is the general name for the territory that is not under the control of any major nation near the central part of the continent. It is largely a monster-infested wilderness, but there are a few towns and settlements, mostly for explorers.
    • There was once a major city, Feldmyr, on the western side of the Unclaimed Lands, but they were forced to evacuate when a colossal monster army assaulted it two hundred years ago.

The Lavian Archipelago Edit

  • The Lavian Archipelago is a series of islands off the south eastern coast. They’re ostensibly governed by Valia, but in practice, the inhabitants have a distinct culture and largely manage their own lands.

Major Landmarks Edit

  • The Cross-Continental Railroad is the largest manmade structure on the continent, crossing from Caelford to Dalenos. Along the railroad are a dozen military bases and a handful of towns that both guard and maintain the railroad.
  • Lake Selden is the largest pure water lake on the continent, and located in Dalenos.
  • Lake Corval is the second largest lake, located in East Edria, and serving as a natural barrier to accessing the Phoenix Spire.
    • There are a number of smaller rivers and lakes on the continent, but I haven’t named them in the story yet. Each major city is probably near a water source of some kind for logical reasons.
  • Vanreach Peak is a mountain on the north side of Valia where powerful healing herbs grow during the winter.

The Soaring Spires Edit

The Soaring Spires are colossal towers, supposedly created by the goddess Selys to test humanity. Those who are brave enough can enter a spire alone and face a Judgment – a test that rewards a magical mark called an attunement to anyone who survives. Survivors with attunements can attempt to climb the spires further by re-entering through a Climber’s Gate.

The interiors of the spires are constantly changing, and the monsters and treasures within replenished by an unknown source, presumed by many to be the goddess herself. According to legend, reaching the top of any spire will result in the climber being rewarded with a divine boon – but it has been centuries since anyone has reached the top of any spire, at least as far as the public knows.

While there are six Soaring Spires, the location of the sixth – the Spider Spire – is not disclosed to the public. There is also a seventh spire in the center of the unclaimed lands that appears to function differently from the others. It is not believed to be the lost Spider Spire, but rather something else entirely, which may or may not have been built by the same goddess.

The Soaring Spires themselves are considered sacred locales, but they are most famous as the source of attunements. Each spire has eight attunements associated with it, and since each attunement is different, countries often seek to gain access to the other spires for additional power.

In the current state of the continent, most countries will allow visitors to enter their spire for a Judgment – but only after paying a high cost in gold.

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