A powerful magic swordsman Keras appears to not have a recognizable aura and who uses dominion sorcery, mainly metal and fire, though he is able to influence stone as well. His sword is often discussed and in the teaser for Six Sacred Swords, it mentions that his sword is "-damaged and leaking world-annihilating mana-" which provides some added insight to the fact that he seems to fear his own aura. Keras was able to take a direct hit from Katashi and proceeded to fight him to an unknown end. He was also seen in the memory crystal stolen by Jin, where he fights several people including Corin's mother, Laura.

Keras is not from the continent of Kaldwyn and is here on a mission to speak with the goddess Selys. He was originally sent with a team, with whom he lost all contact. The next book in the series, Six Sacred Swords, will be a short story from Keras's POV.

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Corin describes him as pale, clean shaven and more athletic and shorter than his brother Tristan. He is known to hide his face under a silver mask.

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He was raised by Rethri, who took him in after Erik Tarren asked them keep Taelien safe for him.

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Keras uses non-attunement magic, which he calls sorcery. He fights with a sword and is extremely powerful, capable of holding his ground with Katashi and Emerald-level fighters such as Laura Lyran.

Dominion of Metal

Dominion of Stone

Dominion of Annulation

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Sae’kes Taelien

Mask of Kishor (mask of long dead god)


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