Lorian Heights Academy of Arcane Arts is a school used to train newly attuned. Valian students are required by law to serve two years at the academy. It is located in Valia, just south of the Serpent spire.


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In students' first year at Lorian Heights they are assigned into divisions according to their Attunement. A student's division determines the types of training and instruction that's given, as well as their uniform, primary instructor, and living quarters.

The Divisions are named after God Beasts. Each division has objectives throughout the year, and completing these objectives earns points. 500 points are required to enter the second academic year, and graduates with high scores will enter the military at a higher rank. The only Division that isn't determined by Attunement is Spider Division, and all the other Divisions will have secret Spider members. Reporting a Spider, with evidence, can be worth up to 100 points as a reward, but if a Division fails to uncover any Spiders then every member will lose 250 points. Misidentifying a Spider is penalized by a loss of up to 100 points. As Spiders are not chosen by Attunement, that cannot be used to identify them.

Division Specialisation Attunements Instructor
Tiger Offensive Combat Elementalist Professor Ceridan
Serpent Reconnaissance Shadow
Professor Orden
Hydra Personal Combat Shaper Professor Teft
Phoenix Support Mender
Professor Edlyn
Tortoise Defensive Combat & Battlefield Control Summoner
Lieutenant Talon
Spider Infiltration & Sabotage Any Unknown
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