Magic on Kaldwyn Edit

Any individual application of mana for a specific purpose is generally called a spell, and the use of spells is referred to as magic. The primary form of magic in the Arcane Ascension series is through Attunements, magical marks of power bestowed on those who complete a Judgment.

Each Attunement confers different abilities, similar to a character class in a traditional role-playing game. Attunements also increase in power gradually through being used. Attunements are graded according to their Attunement Ranking.

Magic, as a general concept, is easy and intuitive. Getting specific spells right requires using exactly the right amount of mana, of the right type from the appropriate parts of the body.

There are other types of magic, as illustrated by monsters, and in the War of Broken Mirrors series, which takes place in the same universe. The most common other type referred to in this series is Dominion Style Sorcery.

Magic on Mythralis Edit

Dominions refer to the power sources for sorcery on Mythralis. They’re other planes of existence that sorcerers can reach into to gather material and accomplish sorcerous effects. (See Dominion Sorcery)

Magic on Artinia Edit

Magic users from Artinia use magic called Spirit Arts. Spirit Arts are considered a Pre-Attunement type of sorcery. Wrynn Jaden is a known user of Spirit Arts and mentions that to get marks similar to the ones or her arm you would need to go to Kaldwyn or Artinia. Implying a similarity between the Spirit Arts and Attunements.

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