All humans and monsters have mana within their bodies, which can take a number of forms. In weak monsters and non-attuned humans this mana is generic, which is referred to as "raw" or "grey" mana. Non-attuned can utilise their mana through devices, like a duelling cane, but attuned are able to do more with mana. Any individual application of mana for a specific purpose is generally called a spell, and the use of spells is referred to as magic.

Attunements give the user access to at least two different mana types, and locations in the body appear to be associated with mana types. The mana types known to us are Grey, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Umbral, Light, Transference, Enhancement, Life, Death, Mental and Perception. Other speculated types include sound, spirit and metal. The locations mana can be generated are in the hands, the legs, the head (mind), the lungs and the heart. The mind primarily generates mental mana, but an attuned who can't use this mana type would be able to convert it to a type they can use with their attunement. Using too much mana from one area of the body causes damage. In the mind or heart this kind of overuse is fatal, though other locations are less immediately fatal. Regular overuse of mana from one location can result in mana scars, which is permanent damage to the flow of mana in that area. Mana scars slow down the rate of mana recovery in the location, makes it harder to convert mana from there, and makes it harder to make that region stronger. An attunement mark regulates the mana in the area it's in, making it safer to use that mana repeatedly.

Aside from Grey Mana, all Mana types have a distinct opposite. A common saying states, "Like deflects like, opposites negate," Meaning that mana can deflect spells of the same mana type, and opposite mana types annihilate one another. Combinations other than direct opposites can have volatile results.

Mana can exist in physical forms, notably as either liquid or crystals.

Known Mana Types Edit

Mana types Opposite
Gray Has no opposite.
Air Earth
Fire Water
Earth Air
Water Fire
Umbral Light
Light Umbral
Life Death
Death Life
Mental Perception
Perception Mental
Transference Enhancement
Enhancement Transference

Entries in italics are only theorized, not confirmed

Composite Mana Edit

Mana Type Base Component Base Component Opposite
Lightning Air Fire Sand
Sand Earth Water Lightning
Ice Water Enhancement ???
Metal Fire Earth ???

Entries in italics are only theorized, not confirmed

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