Mizuchi, also known as Hero's End or Guardian of Secrets, is a giant water serpent[1], and spire guardian of the Serpent Spire, and one of the God Serpent's daughters. Like all spire guardians, she is rarely seen outside her tower. Unlike normal spire guardians, she does not guard any single floor. Instead, she goes where the Visages will her in order to protect the spire's secrets.[2]

By Corin's estimation, Mizuchi in her true form is approximately the length of a city block and has scales each the size of a castle door. These scales are mostly silvery-white in color with the ones on her stomach having a purple or lilac tint.[2] Her aura is Emerald level.[3]

Her abilities include those of a water dragon. However, since she is the child of a God Beast, Corin assumes she is powerful enough to be able to break rules that would normally describe regular monsters' fighting abilities.[1] Mizuchi fights with a variety of breath attacks, including a lightning or voltaic one, despite this presumably being her polar opposite element.[4] Due to her enormous size, she can destroy buildings with her body alone or just the flick of her tail.[5] She also has the abilities of a Summoner and was even able to use a mere binding made by Sera to reverse-summon her into the Serpent Spire without a contract[6] after having been banished. She is capable of casting wide-spread, powerful mental compulsion spells that can affect hundreds of people at once. When done so, Corin describes their strength as being "a hair weaker" than a mental compulsion spell cast by Saffron on only a few people.[7]

Divination is not among her abilities.[6]

When speaking of her, Derek Hartigan expressed a clear aversion to facing her on his own and said he doesn't believe she has ever been injured.[8] This probably only refers to Mizuchi while in her true form. During her attack on the Lorian Heights Winter Ball in her human form, Professor Meltlake and Marissa managed to crack her scales with a powerful fire spell and the Guardian attack "Star descends from sky" respectively.[7] Afterward, Mizuchi shed her human form for something more closely resembling an Invoker form and it took Sera using Mizuchi's own attacks against her through the use of Ceris in order to harm her.[7]

Mizuchi appears in the legend of Selys-Lyann as the foe that slew the blade's first owner.[9] Her name was once used in an expression by Lars to describe Corin's poor state of appearance, "You look like Mizuchi chewed you up and spat you out."[10]

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