The weapon has a winged hilt and jeweled pommel. It is the Sacred Sword of the Tae'os Pantheon and Keras Selyrian birthright.

Wrynn Jaden Notes Edit

The Sae’kes is Sal’s sword, and it’s obviously the most famous item on the list. It’s got this weird warbly killy aura around it, which lets it cut through, well, literally anything as far as I can tell. Magical barriers, solid objects, even other magical artifacts — provided he can focus the essence around the sword enough. Big problem is that it seems like it’s leaking a bit, and uh, that could be kind of bad for him in the long run.
Of course, it used to belong to the Seven-Branched Sword Deity, better known as Aendaryn on this continent. When Aendaryn used it, it had all sorts of other abilities...but Sal hasn’t quite figured those out yet, and I’m not sure it would be best for me to explain. I’m a little worried that if he tries to use them when the sword is like this, he might, well, explode or something.

Known Techniques Edit

  • Disintegrating Aura - A direct application of the dominion of the sword that causes the absolute annihilation of what it comes into contact with.
  • Spell Breaker - When used the essence of sword causes an explosion when it comes into contact with any other essence, and that explosion, in turn, often causes other near by essence to also explode. This technique could be used on artifacts, enchantment runes, or the ambient magic in the air. It is unclear what kind of saturation of ambient magic would be required to explode, but a Spire likely has a high enough saturation to explode.
  • Mana Breaker - This is an extension or further application of Spell Breaker and would cause the mana inside people or monsters to explode. To make this work the swords essence would need to get into the body of the individual and due to the intermix of mana types in someone, it's likely to cause a chain reaction.
  • Dominion Breaker - It was sealed in the sword with an incantation in four parts, only one part known to each of the worldmakers that forged it. One of those worldmakers died without passing their part of the message on, Thus, the technique is lost, presumably forever.
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