The Selys-Lyann, also known as The Goddess' Tears, is a legendary cursed sword possessing powerful ice magic. Currently in the possession of Corin Cadence, the sword was given to Corin by The Voice of the Tower after it was pulled from the same attunement font from which Corin gained his enchanter attunement. 


The Selys-Lyann is described as a pale blue saber with a vine-like silver basket guard and four runes on either side of the blade.


The Selys-Lyann is the sword of a long dead Soulblade who loved the goddess, and sought to climb the towers to be with her. Upon nearing the top of a tower, the adventurer was confronted by Mizuchi, the Hero's End, when her simple iron sword broke, and the adventurer was slain. Seeing the adventurer's death, Selys descended from the heavens and with her tears, she remade the blade so that it would never break for its wielder again.

During his judgement, Corin came across a sword encased in a pillar of ice. Upon breaking the pillar, Corin retrieves the blade which is modeled with rust. After being betrayed by Vera, Corin is lead to a room of attunement by The Voice of the Tower where he receives an attunement, and the rusted blade is plunged into the attunement font by The Voice and the Selys-Lyann is withdrawn. 


Possessing four runes, mirrored on either side of the blade, the Selys-Lyann is enchanted with ice, enhancement, mental, and spirit mana.

Through his testing, Corin has discovered the following abilities:

Spreading Ice: The Selys-Lyann's ice spreads seemingly indefinitely until melted by powerful flames or willed to cease.
Ice Wave: Using a similar abiliy as with his Transference Sword, Corin is able to launch a wave of ice when he slashed the Selys-Lyann. Through practice, Corin is able to interface with the sword using his mana-threads to redirect the ice wave midflight.
Ice Armor: As seen in a dream induced by Corin sleeping with the sword in contact with his skin, the wielder of the sword in the dream is able to form the Selys-Lyann's ice into 'nearly unbreakable' armor. Corin performed a similar action during his first fake spire exam where he used the sword's ice to cover his body from an incoming fire blast. Dispite that Corin manages to prevent the damage from the fire, he passes out with the ice continuing to spread across his body which only stops when Professor Vellum manages to wake him, getting him to let go of the sword.


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