Sera Cadence is an Summoner attuned who was recently adopted into House Cadence for her prowess in battle.

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Sera was once only a friend and a future retainer for Corin and had a similar styled upbringing as Corin did, but had more prowess in battle. Throughout the first book, Sera and Corin joked about how Sera was a bastard of his fathers, which is later confirmed in a small way towards the end of the book.

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When Corin returned from his judgement, Sera already had her attunement from her judgement, Summoner. The night Corin returned home from his judgement Sera was in her room when Corin heard what was presumably her first Summoning Contract.

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  • Seiryu, the God Serpent
  • Vanniv
  • Unnamed Ogre
  • Unnamed Wyvern
  • Researcher 437-C

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