About the Series Edit

The War of Broken Mirrors is the most serious, and it’s written from a third-person limited perspective with multiple perspective characters. It has more political intrigue and subterfuge than the other books.

  • Some inspirations for this series include Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker and the many various Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels.
  • The heroes are:
    • Lydia, a paladin of a goddess of magic who has infiltrated the government of Orlyn, a city that claims to be able to raise mortals into gods.
    • Taelien, a powerful young swordsman who bears a legendary sword he cannot properly control.
    • Jonan, an agent of the legendary Lady of Thieves with a talent for illusions.
    • A fourth perspective is introduced in the second book, but telling you who they are would be a spoiler.

Books in the Series Edit

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